Meet the team

Oishika Neogi – Founder & Director


The cause of furthering the idea and knowledge of diplomacy – the very intention of D-FY – is extremely close to her heart. Being an International Relations major (and enthusiast), a world politics fanatic, a debate specialist and being heavily involved in Model UN conferences in the country for the past few years now, Oishika has represented India in a number of international conferences and platforms, including that of the 45th Presidential Inauguration in the United States of America, 2017. Hence, having had much experience and respect for this field, her appreciation for diplomacy kept growing and led her to D-FY as a concept.

But that is not all Oishika is about. She is very happy-go-lucky, makes impromptu short films, does everything most would enjoy doing, like watching (sappy) Bollywood movies, cooking (and well, eating), travelling, and meeting new people. She’s very funny – or at least she likes to believe that.

When asked about why D-FY, her instant reply was, “Because why not?”


Sahana Kaul & Rohan Parikh – Business Development Co-heads

Sahana, the co-head of the Business Development team, is a student of Economics, and someone with an interest in Law. She takes an interest in baking and as a student in her final year, she feels as though the experiences she has had as a student have prepared her well to be a part of the team of D-FY, despite her initial reservations about her role in the team. D-FY, in her words, is “not just a forum for the youth to be exposed to the importance and application of diplomacy, but it is for young leaders to take that exposure and use it to create a change in the way they think and reason.”

Rohan, the co-head of the Business Development team, is also a student of Economics with a keen interest in Statistics and Finance. Someone who can do mathematics at the back of his head, he is also an avid football lover – and is definitely a sight to see on the field. He believes in bringing in perfection in everything he does, and according to him D-FY can be the forum where India’s young leaders can be found.



Chetan Gollapalli – Marketing Head


He’s currently in his final year majoring in Business and minoring in Economics with a spoonful of law every now and then. When asked why he wanted to work in marketing, his response was “I like marketing. It’s like an open field full of possibilities. Tasks are amazing, always a favorite. Challenge is a must, in life. And also because I usually work in marketing.”  He considers himself a people person, enjoys music, travelling and food (usually in that order). He sees himself as “Roman, the fast-talker from the fuel-ful movies that the Corona-loving guy stars in.”

When asked what he believes in, Chetan says “Everyday is a school day. Learn something new everyday if you believe in it.”


Rutvi Mehta – Finance Head


The reluctant head of the Finance Team, Rutvi considers herself a specialist in ‘eye-rolling’ (and yes, she’s REALLY good at it). For leisure she enjoys black and white films, good chai, and manages to never miss an opportunity to take a photo of everything even minutely aesthetic around her. But besides all this, she enjoys being intimidating because, in her words, “It’s fun.” And it is.


Aaditya Krishnamurthy & Roshni Raheja – Logistics Co-heads

Aaditya, the co-head of the logistics team, is currently an International Relations major, and Political Science student. “For me, ever since I was a kid, I’ve been exposed to diplomacy, from my dad, and I was hooked since then,” he said about why he joined the D-FY Team. In his spare time, he enjoys writing music and rapping, reading The Economist, posting very offensive and humorous content online, and performing stand-up comedy.

Roshni, also co-head of the logistics team, is currently a student of Psychology and International Relations, and tries to keep herself up to speed with all the current global affairs in world politics, and does a large amount of research to get perspective on both sides of any issue. Besides this, her interests in history and art allow her to have a critical understanding of the same. She is also an extremely well-known slam poet in the Pune circuit, even participating in the National Youth Poetry Slam in 2016. In her free time, she is a fanatic of wordplay based humor, and dares anyone to challenge her to a pun battle.