A forum. A vision. A change.

Welcome to the official website of Diplomacy For Youth – D-FY.


Diplomacy For Youth – D-FY – is a platform for each of you out there to not just make a difference to your own selves, but to the nation.
The nation is yours. Ours. Each of ours. And it’s high time we own up to it.

D-FY is a speakers-forum started by 7 young minds – just like you – who intend to change the world we’re living in today. Naive? Ambitious? Stereotypical?

No. Just awake.

A 2-day panel discussion hosting 8 youth leaders of the nation, the forum intends to diverge into different streams – from medicine, information technology, and law, to the performing arts, the social sciences, and engineering  – and to emphasise the unthinkable power and significance of the tool that we call diplomacy. Diplomacy is not a subject exclusive to the elite – it is for each of you out there, irrespective of what you are or where you believe you belong.

So come, join us today, to make a better tomorrow.

Structure of the forum

D-FY is a panel discussion spread over 2 days. It shall host speakers from various fields – from law to media to literature – discussing the affect of world politics and diplomacy in their respective fields.

It shall be for 3 hours (i.e. 180 minutes) per day, and the division of time shall be:
20 minutes – Panelists making their speeches and addressing questions/statements regarding Diplomacy within their field of work
45 minutes – Debate and discussion amongst the panelists – in reference to the speeches made by each of them
35 minutes – The panel shall be open to questions by the audience


You can contact the team of D-FY
E-mail ID: dfyofficial2018@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diplomacyforyouth/
Instagram: dfy_official

If you have any doubts/queries/comments, please feel free to contact us on any of our handles or to send them in to us through this form.